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She ran for Governor of New Jersey in 1997 and was Ralph Nader's Vice-Presidential running mate in New Jersey in 1996. Her campaign aligns with the 4 Pillars and 10 Key Values that sets the Green Party apart from the corporate duopoly.

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What kind of nation thinks that by building walls and shutting doors and ripping children away from their parents that we will actually be safer?  The way to genuine national security is by ending wars. Our actions overseas have cause problems all over the world and police brutality has hurt our communities at home. Now is the time to stop using force as a way to exert power over oppressed people here and abroad.

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How can we put priority over our mother earth? How can we burn fossil fuels while the technology exists for clean energy? Our capitalist system makes demands that poison our environment. We must end completely the use of fossil fuels starting immediately, and transition to a 100% sustainable energy program. This is about survival, not politics.

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Not Profit

Capitalism keeps us away from meaningful pursuits in order to produce wealth for the greediest of people. It drives the elements of white supremacy, imperialism, and poverty in our country and we need to build this country again on foundations of peace and solidarity. We need worker owned models of production that empower communities. We need more time with our families, guaranteed education, guaranteed jobs and homes. Madelyn is the candidate in this race that will go after what the establishment has taken from the working class.

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Meet Madelyn Hoffman

Madelyn Hoffman has been one of the state's leading voices for peace for nearly two decades. Madelyn is also a strong advocate for the environment, having worked with more than 200 New Jersey communities and local governments over nearly 20 years to protect against toxic chemical pollution of New Jersey's air, water and soil.

With a track record of environmental activism, social justice passions, and a willingness to speak truth to power Madelyn is what this country needs.

Madelyn Headshoy

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