Madelyn Hoffman for U.S. Senate 2018 New Jersey Green Party #WorldPeaceNotWorldWar

The Hoffman for Senate 2018 campaign will present a real alternative to the Democrats and Republicans running for U.S. Senate, in particular on issues of the environment, war and peace, big money in politics, health care for all, and education. Madelyn Hoffman ran with the Green Party in 1996 as Ralph Nader’s Vice-Presidential running mate for New Jersey and then for Governor in 1997 and for US Congress in 1998.  

Madelyn Hoffman decided to run in 2018 because the last nearly two decades of work for peace convinced her that both Democrats and Republicans are behind this dangerous and destructive agenda of “endless war.”  This translates into a foreign policy that has created chaos all over the world, particularly in the Middle East. Today, there is a record high number of refugees in the world. At the same time that U.S. foreign policy is creating an increasingly violent world, it is robbing the U.S. Treasury of the money needed to adequately fund public education, public transportation, focused research to put an end to climate change, affordable housing and so much more. With experience both working on a grassroots level for peace and a cleaner environment and having run three electoral campaigns twenty years ago, Madelyn Hoffman sees her role as both exposing the inadequate policies of the mainstream political parties, but also to open up elections to additional political parties, like the Greens.

Madelyn Hoffman was a founder of the Grass Roots Environmental Organization (GREO, based in Newark, NJ) and worked as its director for 15 years (1983-1998). She served as the Executive Director for New Jersey Peace Action from August 2000 through May 2018. Her commitment to peace has taken her to Afghanistan, Tunisia, Japan, Syria, Israel and Palestine. Her blog “Middle East Mix-Up" was launched in early 2015. An Adjunct Professor of Political Science, Madelyn has a B.A. cum laude from Wesleyan University and an MPA from Rutgers-Newark.

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